Shower Voted Most Popular Sex Destination Behind the Bedroom

Shower Voted Most Popular Sex Destination Behind the Bedroom

It’s no surprise that due to the Fifty Shades trend, Brits are becoming more adventurous with their sex life.

Now, they’re moving away from the traditional love-making and trying out new ways to get their thrills.

Although having sex in the bedroom is still the most popular, over 40 per cent of Brits have said they’ve had sex in the bathroom, making it the second most popular place to get it on.

When asked where in the bathroom they like to get their fix, most people said the shower was their prime location.

This was followed by having sex in the bath, over the toilet, over the sink and on the bathroom floor.

So what’s the appeal of having sex in the bathroom? Most Brits said it was the thrill of doing something a little different.

Others said that the warm water made the sex better and some Brits said that they liked the cleanliness that shower sex brings.

Peter Gregg, Director of who conducted the research, said, “The bathroom is generally regarded as a place for individuals to go about their private business. But, according to our poll, bathroom activity can sometimes get a little more sociable!

“Couples clearly enjoy changing the scenery every now and again, opting to get out of the bedroom whenever possible. The bathroom is clearly a popular spot for lovemaking, so it sounds like it’d pay to have a decent suite!”

Aside from the bed and the shower, Brits also like to get raunchy on the sofa, kitchen table and living room floor.

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