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Are you? found that only 53% of Brits are honest about their sex lives with their partner and found their most yearned for sexual desires!


When asked what their desires were to improve their sex life respondents listed:



1. 54% sex more often 

2. 44% more spontaneous sex

3. 27% more oral sex

4. 22% more adventurous sex (e.g. sex outdoors)

5. 13% threesomes or group sex 

6. 12% dressing up or role play

7. 11% use sex toys more  

8. 9% more anal sex

9. 6% swinging 

10. 5% using pornography 



1. 47% more spontaneous sex

2. 43% sex more often 

3. 19% more adventurous sex (e.g. sex outdoors)

4. 16% use sex toys more  

5.10% more oral sex

6. 8% dressing up or role play

7. 3% other

8.= 2% threesomes or group sex/swinging 

10. Using pornography 



- Over half (58%) of the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside would like more spontaneous sex

- Over half (55%) of the North would like sex more often 


Play Kinky revealed that despite the influx of sex toys and erotic literature, only half of Brits are honest about what they want between the sheets.

Women appear to be more guarded about their fantasies than men with only 49% who feel able to bare all with their partners about what they want in bed. 57% of men however felt comfortable to bring it up (so to speak!).

70% of Brits, despite being tight lipped about their desires feel that communicating them would give them an all-round better sense of wellbeing. 78% went as far as to say that it would have a positive impact on their relationship.

It would seem that men are more open when it comes to talking about sex believing that being more honest would help their relationship, compared to 50% of females.

More men thought that it would impact on their wellbeing in a good way, 75% compared to 64% of women.  

The generational gap revealed that people of 16-24 were far more honest, 62% then 45-54 year olds, 46%. Married couples are shadier about their desires than single people, 52% and 57% respectively.

Jo Hudson from Play Kinky comments;

‘In a climate full of job uncertainty, pay cuts and a rise in depression rates sex is one area of personal happiness everyone can be in control of. Our research has shown us the extent to which sexual satisfaction can impact on overall wellbeing, but we have been surprised to learn just how many people, including those in committed, long term relationships, are still not being honest about what they really want in the bedroom. People consider themselves as being liberated yet our research proves that sexual taboos are clearly still alive and well in bedrooms in the UK.  We want to help people open up and feel more satisfied, and as a result, improve their overall happiness.’

Play Kinky simply wants Brits to be brasher when it comes to introducing sex toys in the bedroom and are developing a publication called Kinky Times which will give tips to those who are beginners with toys in the bedroom.


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