What would you rate yourself?

What would you rate yourself?

UK Medix found today that a huge quarter of Brits rate themselves as ten out of ten in bed! 37% were bold enough to rate themselves so highly, as well as feedback they had from partners, 41% and 22% on the grapevine.


A massive 44% rated themselves 8 or above with 24% of that result saying that they were an all-rounder at a score of 10!


The full break down is below!




  • 10 - 24%
  • 9 - 10%
  • 8 - 10%
  • 7 - 11%
  • 6 - 12%
  • 5 - 9%
  • 4 - 8%
  • 3 - 4%
  • 2 - 7%
  • 1 - 5%



Those that rated themselves as 7 or above thought that they were deserving of the accolade because they were selfless in bed and 46% said it was their generosity in bed that made them score so highly. 33% said it was purely down to staying power and 31% said they were gifted in the rhythm department!


Tracy said:


‘Being good in bed is down to the person you are with! You might have it great with one person and it could be awful with another, you need to develop your sex life over time to make it the best it can be!’


Those who were a little more modest in their thoughts on their sexual prowess, ranked below five, said that they had no staying power. 25% said that their interest in sex has diminished and 23% said that they were unskilled or inexperienced at the task.


The mantra practice makes perfect certain  applies here, as those who had the most sex were the ones more likely to rate themselves higher, getting a session at least 3 times per week. Those who rated themselves lower said that they only had sex once per fortnight!


The respondents were then asked about whether their partner would rather them so highly and 64% said yes, whereas 36% said probably not!


Helena said:


‘I would never claim to be amazing in bed, because I think that if you do, people automatically doubt you, it the quiet ones you have to watch, as they are usually the ones that surprise you!’


Men seemed to be the biggest bed boasters, as 65% had no problem in bragging about their performance in the sacks, whereas 28% of women would do the same. If they didn’t boast, women said that it was because they didn’t want to get a reputation by telling everyone about their talents in the bedroom whereas men said it was because they thought that they were not very good.  



Sarah Bailey of UKMedix.com had the following comment to make:


"I'm sure the majority of people would like to be considered good in bed and it seems that the majority of us are likely to claim to be, regardless of whether that's our own opinion or the opinion of others."


She continued:


"Maybe it's confident blustering amongst the braggers. I have admiration though for those that admit that it probably isn't the case for them. However, a lot of the causes behind so called 'poor bedroom performance' may actually be the result of treatable issues. A lack of openness in society often discourages people from being forthright, however that really shouldn't be the case as there is help out there."



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