Relationships are Killing our Sex Drive

Relationships are Killing our Sex Drive

It’s often thought that our sex drive will going crazy when in a relationship, due to the possibility of having more sex, but new research shows our relationships may be killing our sex drive.

Two thirds of women and nearly half of men said that their sex drive has decreased during the course of their relationship, with most saying it had within the first three years.

Sadly, the research also found that one if five people would cheat on their partner if they had a lower sex drive than them and a quarter of men said this had contributed to a break up.

The most common reason for a lack of sex drive was found to be lack of excitement in the bedroom for both men and women.

Other reasons that were named were, being too busy, having children or not having a physical attraction to a partner.

Luckily, a third of couples said that they had managed to overcome a difference in sex drive with the main method being to talk things through and communicate.

Joanna Coker, Sex and Relationship Expert at said, “A difference in sex drive does not need to be the death of a relationship.

“Often a person’s sex drive can be influenced by temporary external factors such as stress, job worries or the impact of children.

“It can be that the couple’s lovemaking has become monotonous and routine over time, and is in need of a shake up.

“By sharing their feelings and talking through the issues, many couples are able to find a happy resolution.”

“So make sure you make space in your life to spend quality time together and talk about the difficulties you have, and how you can support each other through them.”

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  1. by Brett 10th Jul 2013 06:56

    do you still want a comment if I experience an increased sex drive over 3 years?

  2. by heidi2 11th Jul 2013 22:02

    No, can't say that's the case for me. Just the contrary.