Sex: How Long, Where and When We Should Be Doing it

Sex: How Long, Where and When We Should Be Doing it

Whether or not we like to admit it, Brits definitely love sex but what is it that gets us in the mood and what would we class as perfect sex?

Well it seems that we have a checklist when it comes to intimacy, showing us how long Brits like their sex to last, when they went it and how often.

When it comes to how often we’d like to be having sex, the majority of the respondents to the survey said they would ideally like to have sex once a week.

We hear plenty of stories saying that morning sex is super sexy, but Brits wouldn’t agree with only 6 per cent saying they like having sex between 7 and 8am.

Brits say that the ideal time for them to get raunchy between the sheets is between 10 and 11pm, just before going to sleep.

In the movies we see unrealistic expectations of couples having sex for hours, but this isn’t something that we want at home.

For the perfect sex life, Brits said that they would ideally like sex to last for an average of 23 minutes, just enough to leave them satisfied.

When it comes to location, Brits are sticking to their reserved nature with the majority of couples saying they like sex to take place in their own bed, and only 11 per cent stating the bathroom was their favourite location.

Foreplay is essential to good sex and it appears that it’s more important than the actual act itself! Brits would put the ideal ration of foreplay and sex at 60/40.

It’s often thought that the most loved position is Missionary, and although it made the top two, it was Woman on Top that clinched the top spot.

Thomas O’Connell of said, “Britons’ bedroom habits are usually kept relatively quiet, so we wanted to really delve into what’s happening between sheets around the nation and create the recipe for the perfect love life.

“It’s all pretty vanilla to be honest; we Britons clearly don’t want an adventurous love life when it boils down to it, but just regular sex sessions where we feel comfortable.

“Saturday is clearly the night when we’re getting it on the most as a nation, so perhaps TV broadcasters should take note, and save that potential ratings-grabber until just after 11pm!”

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