It’s a massive taboo to fake an orgasm but despite this three quarters of women still do it and now it’s not just the women who are faking it.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Men Fake It In Bed Too

Yes, Yes, Yes! Men Fake It In Bed Too

Yes, a fifth of men are now faking orgasms when they can’t perform.

The main reason for men saying that they faked it is because they felt they were taking too long to finish.

Clearly men haven’t got a clue because one of the top things on a woman’s sexual wish list is that they want their men to last longer!

Another reason for men faking it, found, was because they didn’t want their partner to know they weren’t enjoying themselves.

Although women admitted that often their partner would know they had faked it, men believed they were getting away with it.

More than six out of ten men said that they felt their partner had no idea that they had faked an orgasm.

Despite three quarters of women and a fifth of men admitting to faking it, over 70 per cent of people said they didn’t think their partner had ever faked an orgasm.

Awkwardly, 55 per cent said they would be devastated if they found out that their partner had been faking it.

Thomas O’Connell of said, “Faking it has long been pinned on the fairer sex, yet our results prove that men are guilty of putting on a bit of an act in the bedroom too.

“To compare the reasons for men and women doing so was interesting- it seemed the majority of men fake it due to embarrassment about their performance, whilst women are more likely to do so when they simply want to end their lovemaking session.

“Whatever the reason, there’s a clear disparity between those who fake it and those who don’t think it’s ever happened to them!”

So, would you ever fake it? How would you feel if your man had been faking it? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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