Women are honest- Guys like to lie about what they are doing and come up with the world's worst excuses to cover it up. Partner, friends, roommates all know what you're up to in there!

You do it very differently!

You do it very differently!

Women have alternative names for doing the deed- 'Finger painting', 'washing the pearl' or ' dialling the rotary phone' are some favourites- men may mistake these for literal meanings and are surprised when they have not actually taken up arts and crafts in their spare time.

Women don't need ambiance- Forget the rose petals, the candles and lingerie- they don't need the props from men's fantasies to get themselves off- just a dark room and some music while multi-tasking- women can totally rock the 'Facebook while fingering scroll'.

Men prepare- If it's an incognito window, a towel over the crack at the bottom of the door or reducing the sound- they like to make sure there is no trace of their actions.

Women are inventive- The shower head- boom, sitting on top of the dryer with some shoes inside- why not?