Matt Curry

Matt Curry

We talk to Matt Curry from Lovehoney about why bondage is becoming commonplace for couples in the bedroom in response to a recent survey.

According to the stats a huge 70% of us have tried bondage, so why is it becoming so popular in the bedroom?

With bondage play couples can experiment with their sex lives beyond just the physical. Being restrained, to not knowing where the next lick or pinch or slap will come from, to the idea of control - it allows couples to explore mental states and sensations, to find a whole new level of intimacy.

Why is blindfolding and cuffing the most popular aspects of bondage?

Blindfolding and cuffing are "gateway" Bondage, that is fun, safe explorations of control play. Some couples decide to go further, into pain or sensation play, some couples find they like the idea of restraint & control and explore chastity, some couples stay with cuffs and blindfolds. No-one's doing it wrong, but everyone's got to start somewhere!

Why is bondage becoming part of an everyday routine for couples?

Bondage toys are becoming as common-place as sex toys. Finding a spanking paddle in a bottom drawer is just a likely as finding a vibrator or Magic Wand. They're easily bought, thanks to the internet and certainly, thanks to 50 Shades, there's less of a stigma. These toys are coming out of the dungeons and into the bedrooms! 

A fifth have yet to find a partner that wants to try bondage, so why do some people shy away from it?

Some people still have the "Miss Whiplash" opinion of bondage, or some dank Soho dungeon. But Bondage can mean anything from light spanking onwards.

There's also this idea of Bondage having to go as far as "safe words", there being a level of danger, and the loss of control. You only should go as far as you want to.

What's often not talked about is that in Domination/Submission relationships, it’s the Sub who has all the control - they can call time on it at any moment. 

Those who have tried a sex swing equates to very few so why has this not caught on as much as bondage?

Sex swings can be impractical things - make sure you've got strong beams before attaching anything to your ceiling! 

If you want to try a sex swing first before installing a temporary or permanent swing, you can also buy door kits that can give the same feeling, albeit without the total freedom of movement. 

What things can be used in the house to improvise in their sex life?

Firstly, you have an entire house available! Don't limit your sex life to just the bedroom. Clear the dining room table! 

Use satin or silk scarves as impromptu bondage ties and light blindfolds. Use ice cubes for sensory play, and explore textures around the house with everything from pastry brushes to chamois leathers.

Just, whatever you do, don't go inserting anything not designed for the purpose!

To what extent is Fifty Shades of Grey responsible for the boom?

Fifty Shades opened the nation's minds to the idea of bondage play, and people bought nipple clamps and bedroom bondage kits in their droves. Now, over a year later, those who were "switched onto bondage" are now exploring further. The rise in sales of rope bondage & sensation tools is testament to this.

How is Lovehoney aiming to help with The Bettie Page Collection?


The Bettie Page collection is a beautifully-packaged range of high-quality bondage tools & toys that plays upon the vintage appeal of Bettie - a perfect gift that can introduce bondage to a relationship in a playful, fun way.


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