Men Use Maths to Last Longer in Bed

Men Use Maths to Last Longer in Bed

Lasting long enough in bed is not something that women generally have to think about but for men it's a big problem and something they'll go to great lengths to avoid.

Men will try a large range of techniques, from the weird to the wonderful, to stop themselves finishing to early in the bedroom.

One of the most popular techniques has been found to be mental arithmetic with men finding it to be the most effective way of lasting longer.

It's not only doing the sums that makes men last longer, another proven technique seemed to be thinking of someone unattractive. also found that other methods used were thinking about work and trying to name all the countries in their head.

Worryingly, men are using an even more questionable tactic to keep things going in the bedroom - thinking of their Gran!

 So do these tactics actually work? Well, 76 per cent of the men who used them said yes.

You've got to wonder, if men are focusing so much on lasting longer with some strange techniques then are they even focusing on us women?

We can't imagine any woman being happy about their man thinking of their Gran when they're having sex!

Of course, even if we weren't impressed with a man's performance, it seems that we are too polite to comment, with only 11 per cent of woman saying to their man that they were unimpressed with their performance.

Thomas O’Connell of said, "Performance length can often be a worrying part of intimacy for men, as many feel self-conscious or concerned about pleasing their partner.

"We wanted to take a look at what non-medical tactics are employed by men across the UK to help with this issue; and it seems that men are full of tips they’ve tried to help!

"Some of the tactics, particularly picturing grandmothers, were pretty alarming; but anything to take your mind off the job at hand I suppose!"

Have you heard of any odd tactics that men use to last longer? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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  1. by Nicolas 08th Mar 2013 15:21

    Well, well, well... Really ! It's weird. I think at my wife all the time. Slowing down a bit makes the same results. I'm afraid most of males are just thinking too much about performance. We're not actors. Come on... Men are so afraid to talk about sex with its partner.

  2. by dustinedan2 10th Mar 2013 18:22

    Matt Gorden's secret for lasting longer in bed. ... But, some men report that it works for them, and I feel obligated to give you all ... Do some mental math, like difficult sums; Thinking about dead puppies ... I strongly discourage you to use those because I'm not sure if that would make you last longer or go flaccid instantly.

  3. by rebecakasak 16th Mar 2013 10:32

    The physical and mental difficulties men face when trying to last longer in bed impacts much!