If you're looking to heat up your bedroom antics then sex toys are a great way to do it, but the thought of them can scare your man to high heaven.

How To: Introduce Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

How To: Introduce Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

In their heads, sex toys are all massive silicone penises but they couldn't be more wrong so here is how to bring your man round the idea of sex toys in the bedroom.

Reassure Him

When a man thinks of a sex toy he thinks of a huge realistic looking penis. We women know that not all sex toys are like that so you need to reassure him.

Educate him on the different kinds of sex toys, what they do, look like and how they can improve your sex life.


Once you're both well educated on what different sex toys could do for you then it's time to get on the same page.

Let each other know what you're looking for in a sex toy and then choose which ones you'd like to try out and which ones you'll be kicking to the curb.

Start Small

Don't jump right in with the hardcore stuff, start small and you can always build up to more extreme toys.

Starting with a simple bullet vibrator or a cock ring will give you something exciting a different yet eases you both in gently.


Once you've become more comfortable with the basic toys you can then begin to experiment a little more.

Trying some light bondage with blindfolds and paddles can really heighten you senses and bring you incredible pleasure.

The main thing to remember is that you both need to be comfortable with what you're doing and if you don't enjoy something then speak up!

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