How To: Introduce Fantasies in the Bedroom

How To: Introduce Fantasies in the Bedroom

Having fantasies is completely natural and wanting to live them out in the bedroom is something we all dream of.

It can be difficult to approach the subject with your partner for fear of them judging you or being completely freaked.

Living out your sexual fantasies can be great for your relationship when done in the right way so here’s how to do it.

Test The Waters

It can be difficult to tell whether or not your partner is into fantasy if you’ve never done it before so it’s best to test the water rather than jump right in.

When you’re next getting down to business, ask your man if he wants to hear your naughty fantasy.

If he tenses up and doesn’t seem to be into it then leave it for now, if he’s all ears then you’re good to go!

Start Small

Don’t jump in with the most explicit of your fantasies; start small so that it’s not too ambitious for the both of you.

Something really simple like meeting a stranger in a bar, or that you’re a naughty maid will get things started and are simple yet hot.

Get The 411

When you’ve indulged in your fantasy then ask your man how he liked it and whether he’d do it again.

This is a great way to find out what fantasies he’d like to try and opens the door for you both to talk more openly about it.

Don’t Pressure Him

He might be willing to go along with your fantasy for now but he might not want to share his just yet.

It can be pretty nerve-wrecking sharing fantasies and he might not think you’ll be into his so just give him time.

One you both become more adventurous he may feel comfortable in sharing what he wants to do but it’s important not to pressure him!


Not every guy you’re with will be into fantasy, for some it can make them feel sexually inadequate so they prefer not to do it.

Don’t take it personally and accept that it’s an idea that they just don’t feel comfortable with.

There are hundreds of ways to introduce new things into your sex life so ask them if there is anything they want to try instead.

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