Love coach and sex nutritionist Joanne Barnett explains why sex and food are so interlinked!



"You only have to look at a sensual chef like Nigella Lawson to know that food and sex are intrinsically linked in our minds. What this test shows is that savvy daters who use the link to their advantage can sell themselves as the online dating equivalent of the dish of the day.'

JUST EAT found the take-aways that sound like the most successful dating profile description and they were ranked from best to worst:

Hot and Doughy and able to handle hot temperatures

Firm buns and big baps

Hot, smooth and sinful 

Thin, crispy, quite saucy and little bit cheesy 

Too hot to handle but tasty to resist

Lean, mean and full of flavour

Joanne says: The top strapline of 'hot and doughy and able to handle top temperatures' is perfect as it's full of confidence, fun and totally sexy. It fits with my years of experience which tell me that people generally want to date someone who is hot, more adventurous than themselves, and who is a little out of the ordinary or exotic. It also appeals to our visual senses, by offering easily relatable images that give a cheeky promise of what is on offer if they pick a date with you. So next time you're wondering how to make your dating profile sing, my advice is to think like a Hawaiian Special.'

Joanne Barnett's top five tips on reaching the heart through the stomach, so we have given our own interpretation of these:

Sushi is sexy: You can feed each other and fish is high in protein so it will improve your stamina for dessert.

Saffron rice is always nice: Saffron has antioxidants in it to increase arousal and sexual desire.

Side orders: Lettuce can boost libido- so it might not taste like much of anything; however there is reason enough not to leave it from now on. Egyptians used it to increase their sexual appetite.

Variety: Not in your men only in your food. Combine carbs, vegetables and protein minus the sugar so your appetite for some good loving goes on and on!

Think like take out: Ever since 9 and a half weeks graced our screens, food has become a well know aphrodisiac. Everyday foods and treats make us think of textures and temperatures along with something that is enjoyable. So using the five senses on a dating profile encourage happy memories and suggestiveness.

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