Jill Davey is an advocate of restorative medicine and an expert in bioidentical hormone restorative therapy (BHRT). She has worked and studied under the guidance of Dr Dzugan for a number of years, as well as doing extensive research of her own over the past decade. She is the founder of the groundbreaking website www.menopausewoman.com and has recently launched the e-commerce site www.menopausewoman.co.uk which sells reliable, trustworthy, high-quality supplements for women and men alike. Both sites offer precise and accurate  information along with top services, making it easier for people to access restorative medicine in the UK and Europe. Jill lives and works in Italy with her husband and two sons.

Jill D Davey

Jill D Davey

5 Ways Menopause Affects Your Sex Life

Life is not like it used to be - well actually, not so much life, but sex in itself is not what it used to be. Remember the days, and of course, nights, when it was good, I mean really good. When you wanted it as much as you wanted a gourmet meal and good bottle of wine. Like it was something you just couldn’t live without? But now it’s all out of the window, or so it seems!  Your mind may want it but your body doesn’t know how to accept it. It just doesn’t happen anymore...not like it used to.

That is how I used to be but not anymore, not since I found restorative medicine and restored my body to its original state of ‘sex drive’! It is life changing in every sense of the word and not just for sex drive. The good part is, it’s just so easy, and importantly, it’s natural. 

Let’s see if you see yourself in me.

Weight Gain

Weight gain, what happened? When you look in the mirror you don’t like yourself anymore...so how can he find you attractive, find you sexy? This bad self image can ruin your self-esteem. Get that out of your mind. However, it is not so much weight gain you see but a change in body shape. You lost your waistline...you got square around the middle. This is due to  decline in female hormones giving way to androgen dominance which thickens your waist, similar to a man’s. Balance your hormones and you’ll get your waist back and lose weight at the same time. 

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness...wow that’s a sore one. I remember it well and also the guilt I felt when I couldn’t, just couldn’t have sex with my husband. But not anymore...honestly! Sex is great and my vagina is working just fine...thank you bioidentical hormones. I have balanced my body and take my vitamins regularly, which help boost sex drive. Zinc, magnesium and tribulus terrestris are the three supplements I rely on the most for this.


Insomnia, or should we call it ‘total torture syndrome’? Lack of sleep leaves you feeling exhausted...so who wants sex when you’re so tired? No one. Don’t blame yourself. When female hormones decline so does your sleep. With lack of sleep along comes weight gain, due to insulin and cortisol dysregulation; fatigue; and mood swings. You don’t even know what sex is anymore. You lose your balance totally and are living the ‘total torture syndrome’. To help me sleep I take magnesium, tryptophan, and vitamin B complex. I always take magnesium supplements together with melatonin and zinc at bedtime to improve the quality of sleep.

Mood Swings and Depression

Menopause is not a good time for women where changes in mood are concerned, and certainly  life becomes very confusing for them and their partners. You really don’t want sex when your mood is low or you are an irate woman. And your partner definitely doesn’t want sex with this crazy lady that he hardly recognises. Changes in mood can be due to hormonal decline and fluctuation of female hormones, which affect your rationality, and the happiness zone in our brain. When oestrogens are low, there will be low serotonin production alongside. Serotonin is known as the ‘happy neurotransmitter’ which helps control our happiness zone in the brain and our mood. Low mood, mood swings and even depression may result when serotonin is low. Let’s face it, who really wants sex when your mood is low? To help my mood, apart from taking bioidentical hormones, I take 5-HTP which is great for mood and irritability control, as it converts into serotonin; B vitamins - all B vitamins affect brain function, mood, mental sharpness and are vital for happiness; L-tyrosine is excellent for treating low moods, depression, low sex drive, anxiety and fatigue.

Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

Night Sweats...wow it’s hot in here. This is something I suffered from greatly. Couldn’t understand it at first...thought I was far too young but I wasn’t, they got me from my head to my toes. Add sex to the furnace and you’re done. Waking up drenched in sweat is not a good feeling. I do not get these dreadful attacks anymore...sex is good again. The furnace is just the right temperature. The best vitamins to help control hot flushes and night sweats are; vitamin E, folic acid and omega-3s.     

So did you see yourself in any of these points? If so, get yourself checked out...and start restoring your body. Life will be good again...and sex? Even better.  

By Menopause Woman (www.menopausewoman.co.uk)