Pro: It lasts longer- You don't have to hop in the shower before having sex to get rid of that stubble- you can usually get about 4-7 weeks from a full wax so you're good to go if you're in the mood.

Are you for or against waxing?

Are you for or against waxing?

Con: You have to let the hair grow out- Right before a wax you might be more yeti like than yummy, which can put a dampener on your mojo. That's right- the beautician needs at least a quarter of an inch so the wax has something to hold onto, which means you will be a hairy Mary for a while.

Pro: It makes your who-ha more accessible- Some men like a bit of hair down there- others don't- but if they have to spend ages searching for their destination- it can delay things.

Con: It can increase your chances of an STI- When the pubic hair is removed, it makes you more susceptible to infections. Also if you go to an unclean salon or one that double dips- STDS can spread through the wax.

Pro: It looks sexy- When you slip on your best underwear ready for the occasion- it's a better canvas- having hair poking out at the sides doesn't exactly look inviting.

Con: It costs more- Waxing isn't cheap- especially if you go to a reputable place. So although you sex life might be soaring- you might not have a lot of money for other things like sex toys, lube, condoms and fancy lingerie.

Pro- It's far less effort- When you don't have to get out the razor every other day, it means you can spend that time in the shower on other worthwhile pursuits with your partner.

Con: You are susceptible to bacterial infections- Nothing is more of a buzz kill for sex when you have an infection down there- public hair offers some protection against these- but no hair there at all offers you none.

Pro: Waxing is more thorough than shaving- Ever been in the throes of passion only to realise that you missed a bit? Well, waxing will take care of all those stray hairs for you so don't have to worry about a landing strip where you never wanted one.

Con: Waxing is painful- Is your sex life really worth ripping all hair from your foo foo? This is something you need to decide. It helps if you take a couple of painkillers before you go in and avoid going for a wax while you're on your period because you're more sensitive all over at that time.

Pro: You don't have to deal with razor cuts- It's awkward when you're getting down and dirty and your partner thinks you've started your period- only to be told that it's not the inside of your vagina that's bleeding, it's the outside. Because that makes all the difference.

Con: You have to let someone else near your private parts- This is likely the only other circumstance where you let someone that close to your lady garden. If you only want your partner to go there and you only want it to feel sexy and comfortable when it happens- waxing might not be for you.

Pro: It reduces redness, irritation; itching and ingrown hairs- So you can keep your mind focused on the task rather than how much you want to scratch your bikini line.

Con: You can suffer from wax burn- If the wax is too hot and the person waxing you doesn't really know what they're doing- you might end up with burns on one of your most sensitive places- which will render anything your partner does down there useless because it will be agony.

Pro- It won't grow back as thick- Between shaving your stubble might have been noticeable to your partner- but now you can get away with a few stray hairs because they are finer and barely noticeable. Chances are if he goes down on you between waxes he won't generate any friction with his stubble against yours.

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