Sex toys are great for vamping up your sex life but the majority of toys can be seen as quite intimidating, that is where Swoon comes in.

Swoon Your Way

Swoon Your Way

Swoon was created by sex and relationship expert Julie Peasgood in order to introduce women to the wonders of sex toys without intimidating them.

The range comes in retro-packaging that allows them to remain discreet, perfect for first time sex toy users!

Julie says, “I’ve found that for many women the idea of sexual well-being products can seem a bit intimidating, or perhaps unnecessary.

“So my goal has been to create a tasteful range that appeals to everyone, even first-timers. Swoon products are safe, discreet and well designed, offering intense sensations for solo satisfaction – or to enhance sexual pleasure with a partner.

Swoon, meaning ‘overwhelmed by ecstatic joy’, was created for women of all ages who are likely to be in a long-term relationship and want to explore their sexual well-being further.

New research shows that 76 per cent of sexual health product buyers are in a committed relationship, meaning there is a correlation between using these products to help enhance your relationship.

Regular users were even found to be twice as likely to say they’re satisfied with their sex lives than non-users.

There are plenty of products to choose from to suit your personal taste. If you’re interested in trying out sensual massage then the Burning Desire massage candle, Massage in a Bottle oil and the Cross my Palm massager will work wonders.

For personal pleasure you’ll want to try the Drive me Balmy arousal balm, the Shimmy bullet and the Release vibrating wand.

Swoon have really covered all bases and have even produced the pleasure essentials such as the Smooth Mover lubricant, Undercover condoms and the Get a Grip kegel toning balls.

Julie says, “If you’ve never Swooned before, you have nothing to fear. Each of the products in the Swoon range comes with full instructions and tips on how to get the most from your purchase.

“If you want to introduce the wonderful world of Swoon to a partner who’s not sure, you are not alone.

“Pleasure products and relationships can go hand in hand – in fact many couples find their relationships and sex lives significantly improve.

“Swoon is a range created by a woman for women. I’m really excited by it – I hope you will be too.”

Swoon is available at the leading Health and Beauty retailer on the High Street.

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