Here we have some of the strangest and funniest misconceptions about sex from when these women were young. Any of them sound familiar?

There are three holes?!

There are three holes?!

It was a secret club- That only adults like you parents were invited to and people you saw on TV.

It didn't require any movement- You just lay on top of each other and let nature take its course.

That woman only had two holes- The day you discovered the third one was a big surprise.

Coca Cola is a contraceptive- Pop it up there after sex and boom- all the sperm swam away from their normal path back to the vagina to hydrate themselves.

Sex standing up is easier than taking the pill- Gravity is primarily there to stop you getting pregnant right?!

Masturbation makes you go blind- Don't rub too hard or your eyes may just fall out of your head.

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