French Maid

French Maid

Bedroom fantasies are certainly not uncommon, many Brits use them to spice up their bedroom activity and to make them more realistic, many are investing in props.

One fantasy that has been viewed as the most popular is the French maid, and Lovehoney have confirmed this.

They sold a massive 8,500 French maid outfits in Britain alone in the last year – it seems that Brits like their fantasies clean!

It’s not just for use in the bedroom though, Jenny McCarthy famously wore a French maid outfit to celebrate Halloween and it’s one of the most common outfits of choice to impress on a Halloween night out.

It’s not just maids that make men tick, Naughty Nurses also get their pulses racing. Lovehoney saw 22 per cent of its erotic dress-up sales come from Naughty Nurse outfits.

There is little surprise that the Sexy School Girl also made the list at number three.

For years and years women have been donning their short skirts, low-cut shirts and ties to let their man play that sexy older lecturer.

Other popular items were The Secretary, which Maggie Gyllenhaal pulled off perfectly, and The Policewoman which has been seen on Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton.

Air Stewardesses are seen to be sexy, even without shorting their skirts and letting their hair down, so it’s no surprise that they featured in the top ten, with 5 per cent of Lovehoney’s sales.

The Sailor, The Pirate and The Soldier were all popular outfits, having being donned by many celebs and cropping up in fantasies for years but it was number 10 on the list that was quite unexpected.

Being a Nun is possibly the least sexy thing on earth, and the clue is in the name. But when Megan Fox and Kate Upton donned their Nun outfits, it suddenly gained major sex appeal.

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