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Female First Sex Position of the Week: Heaven Sent

Female First Sex Position of the Week: Heaven Sent

All you need for this position is a good strong headboard or wall and your man! Lay back and put your arms over your head so your palms have complete contact with your bed head or fixed surface.

Female First Points:

Let him enter you and then push your legs together as tight as you can. Every time he enters you his penis will rub against your inner thighs and lips stimulating your clitoris! Make sure you are well lubed up for this one as a lot of friction can result in chafing! Ouch!

If you are not moving with him his penis will delve deeper inside you. By resisting his advances this will only make him go faster and deeper, sending you into a spiral until you both have an intense orgasm!

Images courtesty of Carla Butler, visit her webiste now!

  1. by Sarah 23rd Aug 2013 09:02

    This looks so easy, i do this one anyway with my fella!

  2. by mostirreverent 26th Aug 2013 05:20

    Seems like the wrong angle, and difficult if you slip out.