Sadly, it’s all too common for women to fake orgasms but new research shows that nearly a third of men are now doing it too.

Yes, Yes, YES! It’s Not Just Women Who Fake It, Men Do Too

Yes, Yes, YES! It’s Not Just Women Who Fake It, Men Do Too

The report in the Journal of Sex Research found that 68 per cent of women and 28 per cent of men have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives.

The reasons were many of the usual, including feeling pressured to finish because their partner was close as well as knowing they weren’t going to orgasm due to the kind of sex they were having.

In many cases, it was also about pleasing your partner and making sure their feelings were not hurt.

The main reason for men and women faking it was down to the pressure, with the report saying, “The emphasis on men's ability to give their partners 'earth-shaking orgams' sometimes leads both women and men to pretend orgasm to meet these expectations.”

Sexpert Tracey Cox, who has a sex toy line with Lovehoney, believes that women will often fake it because they struggle to orgasm through penetrative sex alone.

She said, “One theory might be that since women fake it more often than men do, perhaps they feel obliged to provide 'evidence' that they're enjoying themselves?”

Tracey explains that only 23 per cent of women will actually orgasm through penetrative sex alone, the rest need direct clitoral stimulation.

She continues, “Most women find it much easier to orgasm solo rather than with a partner because not only are they more relaxed on their own and not under pressure to perform, they can use the technique which works the best - direct clitoral stimulation.”

Oral sex is one of the most effective ways for a woman to orgasm so it’s no surprise that 82 per cent of women want more of it!

Tracey said, “Tongues are remarkably effective at stimulating the clitoris directly but gently, which is what women need to orgasm.”

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  1. by Hanna 20th Feb 2013 12:53

    As if men have to fake it! The only reason we do it is because they get there first!

  2. by Jolene 7 21st Feb 2013 21:40

    I have not yet found a man who fakes it ,,, they seem to leave something that contradicts it ,,

  3. by amayp27 22nd Feb 2013 14:33

    I Read it in this really good, but funny book on Amazon "through jennifer's eyes" when he he ejaculates, it doesn't mean he has had an orgasm.

  4. by Starshine 23rd Mar 2013 21:11

    Err, I think I would notice.

  5. by mostirreverent 27th Mar 2013 06:19

    I did it once. I had just had sex, and not too soon after, a woman I liked came over and we had sex in the shower. I couldn't come for the life of me. With all the soap bubbles, she wasn't the wiser.

  6. by john12321 02nd Apr 2013 01:30

    Q Why do women Fake orgasms?

    A 'Coz they think men care :-)