Couples Ditch Spontaneity and Plan Sex in Advance

Couples Ditch Spontaneity and Plan Sex in Advance

Some would say that spontaneity is the spice of life but most would disagree when it comes to love making.

Over half of British couples have said that they will plan when they have sex rather than letting a romantic moment take hold.

Of those who do plan when they’re going to have sex, eight in ten said that it actually improved their sex life.

The main reason couples are planning in advance when to make love is so that they are having regular sex.

Many respondents said that their sex lives has subsided in the past and in order to keep a healthy love life they would plan in advance.

Other reasons for planning ahead included having a busy work schedule as well as trying to conceive, which can often take a lot of planning!

A fifth of couples said that they planned their sex life so that they would feel ‘in the mood’ when the time came.

Two thirds of women who gave this answer said that they like to have the chance to groom before sex and men said that they prepared by not eating and drinking too much.

So does losing the spontaneity mean losing the magic? Two thirds of couples didn’t seem to think so, claiming they felt it made the sex better.

Sarah Bailey of, who conducted the research, said, “Sex lives are hugely personal to all couples, and no matter how passionate you are, it can be easy to let things slide on the regularity front.

“It seems that it’s no strange thing for couples to plan their intimacy, with ‘ensuring regularity’ being the main reason why- but it doesn’t say a great deal for spontaneity in bedrooms across the UK!

“If keeping things scheduled works for you then we say why the hell not! Whatever works for you as a couple and keeps things spicy in a relationship can only be a good thing, but just make sure that you don’t write your schedule down where prying eyes might find it!”

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