Sweet potato- Although there's time for rough sex in your bedroom, you do prefer the kind when you take your time and pay close attention to each other's bodies.

You like 'em tall and skinny

You like 'em tall and skinny

Fries- You like your lovers to be tall and skinny with an appendage to match because you like to know he can bend it every which way to accommodate your need for unusual positions.

Wedges- You're not big on the whole foreplay thing and often try to get on with it before you've got the juices flowing so to speak. Lube is your best friend.

Salt and Pepper- Your aim is to always get off together. If you don't orgasm at the same time or your partner expects you to give them pleasure without anything in return- you have something to say about it.

Cheesy- You like the whole romance thing- and can't have sex without candles, songs playing in the background and rose petals on the bed.

Covered in vinegar- You freaking love foreplay and enjoy it when your lover spends lots of time on you before the next chapter begins.

Triple fried- One sex session is simply not enough for you- and you're not interested in one hit wonders. You like a man who's ready to go again in another 20 minutes.

Smothered in gravy- You feel most horny when you're in bed with your partner and you're both covered in a duvet that you've had time to warm up.

Baked- You're partial to sex in hot places- the shower, on the beach when you're on holiday, on hot summer says or next to an open fire in a cabin. Your libido is at it's highest when you have some heat on your cheeks.

With ketchup- You are totally ok with period sex.

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