Would you??

Would you??

Bondara.co.uk has found that Brits like to save money in the strangest of ways- by using sex toys with a new partner bought with an ex! Let’s hope they have given them a wipe first!

Bondage gear, lubricant, condoms, massage and erotic oils are among the items that Brits will quite happily recycle once their bedtime companion has changed hands- so to speak. Women have no issues in reusing lingerie that they bought with an ex; however men were less turned on by the idea. Ladies please wash it first!

With the recent boom in the sex toy industry, worth approximately £250 million a year- it’s no surprise that women and men are cost cutting by reusing old sex toys from past relationships.

Chris Simms, Managing Director of Bondara.co.uk said, “The question of whether sex toys shared with an ex should die with the relationship is an interesting one. From a hygiene point of you there is no issue with reusing sex toys with a new partner as long as they have been thoroughly cleaned with warm soapy water or sex toy cleaner. It is however, important to take your new partners feelings into consideration. While you may not feel any emotional link between your ex and your sex toys, your partner may be uncomfortable using intimate items that are directly associated with sexual experiences you have shared with an ex.  If this is the case it might be wiser to invest in some new toys that belong exclusively to your new relationship.”

Brits are generally not fazed by introducing sex toys into a new relationship. Many wouldn’t blink an eye at whipping one out on their first time, however some would wait at least a month before opening up their sex box to a new partner. Very few thought that six months or more was a reasonable time before unveiling their bedside drawer.

Those who have been bold enough to bring out a sex aid found that their partner loved it and was happy to explore using the toy with them. Some had a look of pleasant surprise, whereas less than one percent said that they would not even entertain the idea of using whatever they were faced with. Some were nervous at the thought of a sex toy, but still tried it out- life’s too short right?

For those men and women who are not gutsy enough to pull out a sex toy unannounced, talking to their partner is assumed to be the best way to gauge if they are into this stuff or not. Some are less obvious and suggest that a hint or a joke would enable them to see what their reaction is first or simply give it as a gift- it’s rude to say you don’t like a gift!  

“This survey shows the stigma that used to be attached to using intimate accessories in the bedroom is now a thing of the past. It is great that British people have such a healthy attitude towards their sex lives and are willing to take positive steps to enhance their most intimate relationships,” Chris added. 



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