One-Night Stand Mementos Revealed

One-Night Stand Mementos Revealed

Have you ever been in the one-night stand situation? If so, then you can empathise with Brits who have grabbed whatever they can before leaving the next morning.

New research from VoucherCodesPro has revealed some of the top mementos kept from one-night stands and the results are super amusing!

A staggering 46 per cent of Brits admitting to having a one-night stand at some point in the past and were then asked what, if any mementos they had taken from the evening.

The results were quite shocking. The most common memento for men to keep was their lovers knickers, whereas for women it was a man’s hoodie or jumper.

Worryingly, 17 per cent of men and 16 per cent of women said they would take a picture of their lover on their camera phone to remember the night by – let’s just hope it was whilst they were awake and aware!

Over 20 per cent of women admitted to taking loose change from a man, compared to only 8 per cent of men from women which could enforce the gold-digging stereotype.

Typically, men put their stomach before most things with 22 per cent admitting to taking food from a woman, compared to only 5 per cent of women doing the same.

George Charles, Marketing Director at VoucherCodesPro who are launching their adult section, said, “We weren't hugely surprised to see that taking things from the fridge came out so high for men!  Although, we're not sure this is for keepsakes reasons, but more about satisfying their hunger after working up an appetite.”

Both sexes admitting to getting their nicotine fix from stolen cigarettes but men came in slightly higher with 18 per cent compared to women’s 17 per cent.

So why do we take mementos from one-night stands? For the majority of Brits, it was simply because they needed the items in question.

Nearly a third of us said it was to keep the memory of the night alive and 22 per cent said they would use the item as proof of the one-night stand.

The top 10 most commonly stolen ‘one night stand mementos’ by women:

1.            Warm Jumper/Hoodie- 23%

2.            Loose change- 21%

3.            Toothbrush- 19%

4.            Cigarettes- 17%

5.            CD/ DVD- 16%

6.            Photo of the person on a camera phone- 15%

7.            Boxers- 14%

8.            Watch- 9%

9.            T-shirt- 8%

10.          Food- 5%

The top 10 most commonly stolen ‘one night stand mementos’ by men:

1.            Knickers- 25%

2.            Bra- 24%

3.            Food- 22%

4.            Cigarettes- 18%

5.            Alcohol- 17%

6.            Photo of the person on camera phone -17%

7.            CD/DVD- 15%

8.            Phone charger-10%

9.            Unopened condoms-9%

10.         Loose change- 8%

George said, “What we found were less cheeky mementos, and more general theft. Watches, DVDs and CDs all made it into the top 10, something that staggered us all, especially as some watches can cost thousands of pounds”.

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