Singles247 have found that women’s sexual confidence reaches a high when they hit their thirties- following their twenties being filled with pressures and fears about their bodies. So we find out why! 

Are you a confident thirty something?

Are you a confident thirty something?

Acceptance of their body shape

I don’t know what happens as you reach your thirties, but you suddenly care less about what others think of you, including your body shape. You accept that you have a totally different figure than your friends and realise finally that you will never look like the models on TV or in magazines, despite years of trying with products and diets. You begin to embrace your natural qualities rather than hide them to fit in and worry less about being like everyone else.

Sexual Prowess

By thirty, many women have had sex with all the men they are going to and have gathered a lot of sexual experience under their belts. Whether they are still single or in a long term relationship- they are much more aware of their bodies and what pleasures them and are not afraid to ask for what they want. They are also content with their efforts between the sheets and have fewer issues asking how their partners might like to be handled.


Only when a woman is truly happy with herself can this extend to her partner and her sex life. The chemistry is through the roof when this happens- if she finds herself sexy- then her partner will too!


Women are much more open now to talking about their sex life with their partners, thanks to the rise of erotic fiction. This exploration of getting exactly what they want from their partner and returning the favour is all down to how well the couple communicates. A woman gets better at this over time- making sure that she doesn’t damage his confidence, rather boosts his eagerness to please!


Sex is no longer about impressing or to have something to tell your mates afterwards. It’s about building up that comfort and trust with a partner. It might start off slow, but the more comfortable a couple is together the more likely they are to be open minded when it comes to trying out new things in the bedroom.

Attraction to their partner

Attraction to a partner in your early twenties is all down do physicality. As you reach your thirties- this evolves into attraction not only to your partner’s body parts but also their mind and their personality, deepening the connection. Attraction can arise from many things- a laugh, a confidence, a touch- it becomes less shallow.

Long term relationships

Many women in their thirties are in long term relationships. This in itself is a confidence booster. The fact that someone is willing to spend the rest of their lives with you makes all of the above so much easier. 

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