The Kitchen!

The Kitchen!

Charlie Bigham has found that the sexiest place to bump uglies with your partner is in the kitchen, as 17% think that there is nothing that turns them on more than their partner cooking a meal. We take a look at the other house top slots and see why they have such aphrodisiac appeal to celebrate National Roof Over Your Head Day.

The Kitchen

Your partner cooking you tea is a very sexy scene to behold indeed. It shows that he is taking the time out to make something from scratch for you to enjoy. And there is always that lull when it’s all on the hob or in the oven and there is nothing left to do but wait. And what better time filler than a quickie on the bench? The steam from the cooking food is already making you flush so why stop there? Have you seen 9 and a Half Weeks? Hello!!

The Bedroom

A classic that never dies! Even if you have done it on the bed a hundred times there is nothing like that feeling of banging your head board some more for good measure! You can always try it on top of the chest of drawers or way down low on the rug- carpet burn is well worth it for some spicy new bedroom activity!

The Living Room

One minute you can be watching TV and having a smooch, which can turn into a cheeky grope, then maybe oral and then why stop there? While you characters are acting away on screen you can make your own movie right there in your lounge!

The Bathroom

Your partner catches a cheeky glimpse of you in the buff getting showered and then that’s it- you are going to be late for work! A wet naked woman is the precursor for some steamy shower sex! Or at the very least taking him between your legs on the edge of the sink unit. Why not take it slow and run a  bath so you can lie naked in each other’s arms and what happens beneath the surface stays beneath the surface!

The Dining Room

OK so you were strong enough to hold out while the meal was being cooked- it takes some restraint does that! The meal is over and how are you going to say thanks and burn off those carbs? Why not do it like they do in the movies and splay all of the plates and cutlery on the floor for the sake of an active romp on the table cloth? Who cares about good plates when orgasms are on the table? 

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