Would You Scrimp and Save on a Date?

Would You Scrimp and Save on a Date?

In the current economy we’re all trying to save money everywhere we can, but would you save on a date too?

It’s common that we try to impress our dates by suggesting nice, high-end places to eat but now the times are changing and instead of splashing the cash, people are using vouchers to pay to dates.

So would you dismiss your date if they pulled out vouchers to pay for your date?

Well, nine in ten Brits said they wouldn’t be offended by their date paying for the meal with vouchers.

Only 13 per cent of Brits said that they would show their date the door if they even considered paying with vouchers, no doubt thinking they were cheap.

So at what point is it acceptable to use discounts when dating? Will your date be expecting a fully-paid for slap up meal for the first date or would they be happy to use vouchers?

Surprisingly, 39 per cent of people believe that it’s completely acceptable to use discounts on the first date.

In these financially difficult times your date would probably see you as wise for being money savvy!

A more realistic 35 per cent of people said that the discount vouchers shouldn’t make an appearance until you’re officially a couple.

There are a tiny 1 per cent of people who prefer the finer things in life and believe you should never use discounts when dating.

Natasha-Rachel Smith at TopCashback.co.uk, who conducted the research, said, “With recent news that 32 per cent of households have reported a squeeze in their finances, it’s clear that budgeting and money-saving continues to be high on our agenda.

“It’s due to this that we’re seeing a change in the perception around using discount vouchers, codes and cashback deals, which are increasing in popularity and forming part of consumers’ everyday spending habits, to the point that using a voucher at a restaurant has become the norm – even a prerequisite - for many.

“With almost 90 per cent of us happy to use vouchers on dates, why have only 37 per cent of Brits ever done it? Taking advantage of discounts or vouchers makes good financial sense, and with so many amazing discount deals and cashback offers out there, there is absolutely no shame in ‘discount dating’ in order to maximise the cash and ‘share the love’.

“It’s all about getting more for your money; saving the pounds for that extra glass of wine or a taxi at the end of the night. I’d be disappointed if my date didn’t do it!” 

How do you feel about discount dating? Would you be offended if your date used money saving techniques on the date or would you be attracted to their money savvy ways?

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