There are women who want white, there are women who prefer red and there are women who relish in a bottle of rose because they can’t decide between the two. If you’re in love with a rose drinker you might find the following all too familiar.

It fixes bad days at work

It fixes bad days at work

She likes the best of both worlds- You know this by her choice of booze- she is never one or the other but a bit of both. There are no extremes with this gal- just happy mediums.

She’s a cheap date- Buy her a bottle of the cheapset stuff (because it’s the sweetest) and she’s sorted for the night. No going back and forth to the bar to refresh her glass.

She’s a lightweight- When she drinks other alcoholic beverages- it takes her much longer to get sloshed- but she can’t take her rose. You always know after one bottle, she’s going to be a mess- but at least she has a good time getting there.

Even when she’s past the point of no return- She still looks mildly sophisticated and sexy with a glass of the pink stuff in her hand.

You know her order- None of this waiting of her to decide what she wants to drink- you can order on her behalf and get it right every time- just as long as it comes in a large glass.  

If she wants some intimate time after a drinking session- Her lips taste sweet and juicy and you’re forever thankful her tipple of choice isn’t beer.  

If she’s had a bad day at work- You know that a glass of rose will help her to forget all about it.

She classes it as one for her five a day- It contains grapes after all….

The look of disappointment on her face- when someone gifts her white or red wine is heart-breaking to witness.

She’s an expert in the plonk department- Red wine goes with cheese, white wine goes with fish and rose wine goes with….ANYTHING.

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