Geeks are gorgeous!

Geeks are gorgeous!

One upon a time- tech geeks were the ones who were not so lucky in love, according to Assumed to have bad social skills and a weakness for thick rimmed glasses- people associated them with undesirable traits for dating.

However- times are a changing and being labelled as a 'tech guy' now has its advantages. Those who have already bagged a lady find that their tech skills help them to impress not only their partners but also the extended family too.

Father's believe that this knowledge makes potential suitors good son in law material and are drawn to men who are able to help them with their tech worries.

In fact 56% of British women prefer their men to know their way around a computer as well the bedroom. Step aside the meaty mechanics and the fit footballers- make way for the toner tinkerers and those with a panache for printers!

One woman said ; 'I tried for an hour the other day to put a PDF on my Kindle and my husband came home and did it in two minutes- got to say it turned me on a little!'

We say push off to politics- we are not interested in men who want to bore us with what's in the news- we want our fellas to lean over our laptops!

"If men today want to really impress a potential partner, they need to up their game and become more tech-savvy," said Roddy McLean, a computer upgrade expert from "A simple memory upgrade can speed up a slow computer, while also making men appear tech-savvy to both a partner and in-laws".

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