Women Refuse to Let Boyfriend See Them Without Make-Up

Women Refuse to Let Boyfriend See Them Without Make-Up

We all see these films where women wake up next to their man looking fresh a daisy with the look of love in their eyes.

We also know that this is an entirely false account of what actually happens.

If we wish to look like that, it involves sneaking out of bed half an hour before your man is getting up in order to brush your hair, put some concealer on and plump up your lips with lip balm, before getting back into bed and ‘waking up together’.

A new research from Debra Robson LDN shows that, to avoid this, 80 per cent of women will wait a month before revealing their bare face to their man.

Nearly two thirds of women even admitted to going so far as to sleep with their make-up on if they were sleeping with their boyfriend.

Shockingly, 8 per cent of women said that they kept the fresh faced façade up for an entire year before letting their true beauty shine through.

Thought it couldn’t get any more outrageous? Well it does – 3 per cent of women said that they would never show their partner their true face!

So why do we women go to such extremes to keep our man from seeing us without make-up?

Well, the majority of women said they looked better with their make-up and 28 per cent said they felt that they were more confident when wearing their face.

Sadly, 12 per cent of women said that they felt they wouldn’t be desired and 2 per cent of women said they felt their man would end the relationship.

Over three quarters of women said they felt that society pressured them to wear make-up and a third of women felt so pressured that they even wore make-up to the gym.

A lucky 27 per cent of women feel confident enough without make-up that they would happily go to work without wearing any!

CEO of semi-permanent make-up company Debra Robson LDN, who carried out the study, said, “I’m not surprised so few women dare to go bare when they have met a new man.

“Make-up makes you feel sexier and more confident. I love the idea us girls waking up early to secretly put on make-up to keep up appearances from the previous night.

“We all want to look our best in the early throws of romance and women feel they look a lot better and more desirable with make-up.”

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