Today is National Hanging Out Day, so we take a look at why being with your lover is the best feeling in the world. 

You can catch up

You can catch up

You can be yourself- You have been together for long enough to know you don't have to pretend or put on any heirs and graces for each other.

You can catch up- It gives you a chance to update each other on the news from work, the family or friends.

You get each other's weird sense of humour- When you tell a sick joke- your SO laughs rather than looking really uncomfortable before changing the subject.

It's uncensored- No topic is off limits- you can literally talk about anything with each other- even if it's bizarre or taboo.

It's easy- You're good at making decisions now- you know what each other likes- to eat, to watch, how they take their cup of tea. You don't even have to exchange words- you just know what they want and when they want it and vice versa.

There's a possibility of sex- If it's just the two of you, there's nothing to stop you closing the curtains, locking the door and bumping uglies.

There's no pressure- You don't feel like you have to do the same as your friends on Facebook. Stopping in and watching TV might not be the most glamorous of dates but it's the thing you most look forward to in the week.

There's no judgement- If you want to spend that time in your PJs, that's ok. If you let out a stray fart or burp- your partner isn't going to make you feel bad about it- in fact they might just join in and make a competition out of it.

You can indulge- In your joint guilty pleasure- whether that's a big bag of tortilla chips and dip, watching a whole boxset or playing a game all day- just do it. As long as you both share the passion- you don't feel as bad for spending hours on something or doing it in style.

You know they're safe- When you're apart you worry about them constantly but when you're together- you don't have to worry about them because they're happy and healthy and right there with you.

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