When you’re tired, overworked and in need of rest and recuperation, there’s nothing better than jetting off on holiday with your partner.

The beach?

The beach?

Having no responsibilities for a week or so, spending quality time together and having no holds barred fun can be the perfect tonic for the tolls of 9 to 5, kids and daily pressures.

So when you need to take time out from real life, where should you take your partner on holiday?

To make your life easier, the travel gurus at HolidayGems.co.uk created this fun quiz to help you decide where your dream location as a couple should be…

What’s your partner’s favourite hobby?

1. Watching TV

2. Running 

3. Cooking 

4. Drinking 

If you gave your partner three hours to do absolutely anything they wanted, what would they do?

1. Go back to bed

2. Jump out of a plane

3. Stick the oven on, open a bottle of wine and start cooking

4. Ring up friends and see who’s free

What is your partner’s dream mode of transport?

1. Train 

2. Helicopter 

3. Bus 

4. Car

What’s your partner’s favourite smell?

1. Your perfume/aftershave

2. Freshly cut grass

3. The smell of food cooking

4. The smell of cigars

If you and your partner won the lottery, what would be the first thing you’d do?

1. Go to the local supermarket, clear the shelves of Champagne and invite friends and family to celebrate

2. Book a private jet to a remote location to figure out your next move

3. Fly close friends and family to a farmhouse in Provence to eat, drink and divvy the money up

4. A weekend with friends in Las Vegas – all expenses paid - having it large.

The telly is on. What’s the most likely thing your partner is watching?

1. 24 Hours in A&E

2. Bear Grylls The Island

3. Masterchef

4. Peaky Blinders

Your partner’s favourite drink?

1. Tea

2. Coffee

3. Wine

4. Champagne 

Favourite genre of film?

1. Romance

2. Action

3. Thriller

4. Comedy

What would you and your partner’s ideal date be?

1. Picnic in the park

2. Theme park

3. Restaurant

4. A big night out

What’s your partner’s snack of choice?

1. Crisps 

2. Olives 

3. Cheese 

4. Popcorn 

If your relationship with your partner was a film, what would the title be?

1. As Good as it Gets

2. Where the Wild Things Are

3. High Fidelity

4. Beauty and the Beast


Mostly 1s - Mauritius

Your partner is a born romantic who likes nothing more than spending time with you. You’re with someone who likes the quiet life, relaxing and zero drama. Which is why somewhere like Mauritius would be the ideal destination for the two of you. Imagine the scene: you’ve hiked around a jungle trail, read your favourite books in your hammock made for two, snoozed under a palm tree and are now sitting down to an incredible meal. Sounds like heaven? Well, it’s just a plane journey away - so get booking!

Mostly 2s - Morocco

Your partner likes to live life on the wildside, and while they can’t sit still for one minute, they are a huge amount of fun to be around. Always coming up with things to do, new ideas and plans for the future, your partner takes life by the horns. Take them to Morocco where they can get their adrenaline kicks by dune buggying in the Sahara, haggling with traders in the souks and kite surfing across the Mediterranean Sea. The colour and energy of this magical country will certainly suit their joie de vivre.

Mostly 3s - Turkey

If your other half loves nothing more than preparing and eating good food and savouring the nicer things in life, a gastronomic tour of Turkey is just the ticket. Travel around this incredible country sampling the full range of flavours which are influenced from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Europe and North Africa. The Turkish wine industry is growing at a quick rate, and there are vineyards to visit where you can try Kalecik Karası and Narince - two varieties which are gaining a lot of fans on the winetasting circuit.

Mostly 4s - Jamaica

You and your partner love the good life, and being the life and soul of the party, you want a place that will cater for your lust for life. Jamaica is not only an incredible holiday destination, but the rhythm and beats are infused into island life. Whether it’s a DJ setting up a sound system on the beach, or the seductive beats of dancehall - this is a place where there’s a party around every corner all set on one beautifully wrapped tropical island.

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