It can brighten their day- If all they have seen are straight or sour faced people all day they will immediately see the change in your facial expression and react differently to it.

It makes them feel special and appreciated

It makes them feel special and appreciated

It's welcoming- Other facial expressions can give your partner the signal that you don't want to see or talk to them- but a smile encourages them to approach you for a kiss, a cuddle or a chat.

It makes them feel special and appreciated- If they know the sight of them makes you smile it's an ego boost- every partner needs reassurance that they still make their lover happy and this takes no time at all to show them they do.

It shows a positivity- If you smile at your partner and they've had a bad day- maybe your positive non-verbal cues will bring them some comfort or send some of your positive vibes their way.

Smiling encourages conversation- So if you do it when you get in from work- it should result in you and your partner having a good chat about your day.

Smiling is contagious- If you smile, your partner should smile back and if they don't you know that something is very wrong and they need a listening ear.

Smiling releases endorphins- Smiling can help you manage stress and anxiety- so if you are calm- your relaxed state should filter through to them if they're feeling stressed or anxious.

It's attractive- A smile is more attractive than a frown so it's a cheap and free way to show your partner how beautiful you are.

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