Today is National Do Something Nice Day, so we take a look at some of the things you can do to show your partner some kindness, without spending a lot- but these small gestures can go a long way to making them feel loved.

A cup of tea! Ahhhhh!

A cup of tea! Ahhhhh!

Make them a cup of tea- If they've had a bad day or are just tired after a long spell at work, a cup of tea or drink of their choice can be just what the doctor ordered. Brews are a great way to get the conversation flowing, thus letting out all that tension and stress.

Cook for them- Many couples have a designated cook- someone who has more patience in the kitchen for something other than an oven or microwave meal. If you're not that person, then give your partner a rest and make the effort to create something special. It gives them a night off to sit and watch TV or read a book while you cook up a storm.

Clean the house- If you're usually the one who dodges this task, then make the effort and tidy up. It will be a lovely surprise when they get home to a clean and tidy space so they can just come in, sit down and relax rather than starting on another job.

Buy a small gift to give them- Their favourite chocolate bar, a drink, magazine, a book or something they've needed for a while- it doesn't have to cost the earth but it shows that you've been thinking about them all day and want to spoil them a little in between occasions.

Send them a text or email- Little messages throughout those 8 hours can brighten up the worst of days in the office- message them to tell them that you love them, that you miss them or simply thinking about them. Refer to something you're looking forward to in the week to keep you both motivated to get through- a theatre trip, the cinema, or a meal out for instance.

Take Out- Take outs are an easy fix for both of you if you've each had a particularly hard day. Something calorific and carby to eat while you snuggle up on the couch together watching TV is bliss when you need to forget about work and just enjoy each other.

Make note of the calendar days-  Little known celebration days in the year can give you cooking ideas so you can have some fun in the kitchen and indulge afterwards.

Run them a bath- Fill it with their favourite bubbles, get out some fresh towels and light a candle- give them a place to chill out and let their worries melt away.

Pay them a compliment- You can take each other for granted when you've been an item for a while. So tell them they suit their outfit, that they look beautiful/ handsome or that you fancy them so much right now that you just want to spend the night in bed.

Be attentive between the sheets- Forget the quickie and don't skip the foreplay- really spend your time on working your partner up and giving them all the attention in the bedroom. A longer sex session than normal can help you reconnect and make your partner feel longed for and that's a pretty good feeling to give your special someone.

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