Are You Expecting a Proposal This Valentine’s Day?

Are You Expecting a Proposal This Valentine’s Day?

Some would say proposing on Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show your commitment to someone, but shockingly, only 13 per cent of women would want a Valentine’s Day proposal on Valentine’s Day.

Groupon found that just over one in ten women are hoping for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

As well as this, they also found that the longer the relationship has lasted, the less romantic it becomes.

This may be way woman feel that the right time for their man to propose is two years into the relationship, before the romance fizzles out.

Lambrini found that four out of ten women think the perfect time to become engaged is two years into a relationship.

But as time goes on, women become less interested in getting engaged and more interested in leaving the relationship.

Only 15 per cent of women would get engaged after three years.

And men, if you’re thinking of proposing any later than that, then it might be best not to bother!

Shockingly, nearly half of women said that if their partner hadn’t proposed by the five year mark then they would dump them, with 27 per cent citing that if you haven’t got engaged by then, then you never will.

So what exactly is it that we women want from a proposal?

Well it seems that the majority of women wouldn’t want a Valentine’s proposal, maybe thinking that it was too cheesy or too obvious?

Aside from that, the two year mark seems to be appropriate. But what about the location?

Well, maybe not so surprisingly the most desired location was on a deserted beach. Let’s hope they mean in the Caribbean and not Blackpool!

Women like their groom-to-be to keep it traditional by having them ask for their father’s permission and to get down on one knee when proposing.

When it comes to the ring, we women aren’t looking for anything flashy but our perfect ring would be one that has been chosen by the both of us.

So, are you hoping for a Valentine’s Day proposal, and what would it be like? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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  1. by Paloma 13th Feb 2013 16:18

    I think being proposed to on Valentine's Day is just super corny, I'd be so embarrassed!

  2. by none of the above 13th Feb 2013 16:28

    No. :pray: