A romantic walk?

A romantic walk?

According to AXA car insurance there are certain sure fire ways to make your partner know that you love them. But not with lavish gifts and big gestures- no it’s the little things that count! Men and women overlap a lot when it comes to these, proving that sometimes the Venus/mars notion is not always right!






Goodbye kiss in the morning- It takes seconds to do and a lot of couples miss out on this. What if it was your last morning together? Give him a big smacker on the lips!

Going out for dinner- Sitting in front of the TV with a dinner on your lap can take its toll after a few nights in a row, so going out to dinner feels like a real treat! You can get dressed up and make the effort! Just like being on your first date!

Unprompted declaration of love- It’s always nice to tell your partner that you love them and hear it back- but when you least expect it, it can send shivers down your spine!

Date night- This means that work, household chores and studying get put aside during this time and you both have something to look forward to in the week!

Romantic weekend away- Having time off together at home is lovely, but seeing the same four walls while you do it can be a bit monotonous. A weekend away takes planning and means you can share something different together.

Romantic walk- A time for talking without distractions. You can’t load the dishwasher while they talk to you or mess about on your phone, its total couple time and gets those endorphins going- so an all-round mood booster!

Having your favourite meal cooked for you- There is always the temptation to slam something in the microwave and put little thought into an evening meal. Having your favourite food prepared and cooked for you is very thoughtful indeed!

Being bought a gift for no reason- In a relationship, gifts are expected on birthdays and Christmas but one in the middle of working week can make even the worst day fade into insignificance.

Flirtatious text or phone messages- After a while, your text messages can reduce to ‘have you put the bins out?’, so a flirty sext once in a while can be a welcome surprise!

Being bought flowers- They are beautiful and brighten up the house, so everyone is happier for having them around!


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