Top 7 Worst Break-Up Lines

Top 7 Worst Break-Up Lines

Some are funny, some are weird and some are just plain rude so here are some of the worst break-up lines we've ever heard.

1. It's not you, it's me

This is probably one of the worst because it's a blatant lie. What it actually means is 'yes it is you, and I don't have the guts to admit it'.

2. I'm moving to Uni, we should break-up

This is wrong for all kinds of reasons but what it basically means is 'I'm moving to Uni and I want to play the field'.

3. This was incredible but I'm not ready for a relationship yet

So basically, it wasn't really that incredible and that's exactly why it will never turn into a relationship.

4. I'm not attracted to you anymore

We're always going on at men, telling them they need to be more honest and it doesn't get more much honest than this!

5. I need my own space

Absolutely ridiculous line as you can have space whilst being in a relationship, so basically one of the worst excuses ever.

6. I can't see you anymore because I think your sister is hotter

To be fair to the guy, at least he didn't string you along so he could see more of your sister. Just a shame that your self esteem had to take a beating in the process.

7. I can't do this anymore

What does this even mean? What exactly is it that you can't do it anymore and why can't you do it? A great break-up line for the coward.

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  1. by Peanut 14th Jun 2013 02:15

    It's not your fault, I'm angry, but not with you

  2. by mostirreverent 15th Jun 2013 01:18

    20 orgasms in a session is killing me.