Is it like this in your house?

Is it like this in your house?

Samsung Electronics UK has found that there are some common denominators in every household when it comes to the basis of couples’ arguments. We find out what the top six and just why they are the foundation of a good row!

  1. Who gets to watch what on TV- He likes the news or those really dull shows on history that are literally on ALL day. You want to watch- Embarrassing Bodies or Supersize vs Superskinny- but you can’t possibly have it on at the same time as you are eating your tea –for he can’t stomach the graphic surgery scenes while eating. You feel like you might die of boredom from the constant barrage of bad news- either from years gone by or current affairs and so the shouting commences!
  2. The cost of their bills- You like it really hot and so are always putting the fire on or cranking the heating up. He likes it cold and blames you for any rise your energy bills. He leaves the TV on standby all night but the bill is entirely your fault! Arg!
  3. Who throws the rubbish out- If man has a job- this is it- women are expected to cook, clean, wash and iron- men can do the bins- but of course- (in the words of a man) these are an extension of the kitchen so technically it’s woman’s work (of course it is- just like it’s yours to tick us off!)
  4. Who does the laundry and cleaning- He generates just as much mess and dirty clothing as you but it’s traditional that the woman has to reverse the process. Why? Ask your man to do anything for you in the name of cleaning and he brings it up at regular intervals to be thanked for his contribution to you and the house and requires praise in front of friends and family for his efforts. What do we get as thanks? NADA!
  5. Who cooks the dinner- Again falling back onto stereotypes- this is supposedly the women’s role in the house- ideally it should be alternated or the responsibility of whoever comes back from work first- but it never works like that does it? Does it??
  6. Who gets out of bed to turn the lights off at night- You’re closer- but he was the last one to come to bed- the issue was brought up in ‘PS I love you’ so it’s an important one to include!

And if that is not enough to cause discord at home- Brits spend their days worrying about things they might have left on in their house while at work!


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