Are you a serious couple?

Are you a serious couple?

Monarch Airlines have found the top indicators that you have crossed from being casual to being serious with your partner!




Meeting the parents- You may instantly click or hate each other, but meeting them is a sign that your family is coming together as one whether you like it or not!

Exchanging house keys- You are potentially letting him come in when you are not there to see the scattering of underwear, lack of food in the fridge and the hair in your plughole- it must be love!

Planning a holiday together- You may not be living together but this is the test of see if you are willing to stand spending time in each other’ company for week or two.

Discussing plans for the future- Marriage, kids, mortgage- and easy way to make a man run for the hills, but still it means you are serious!

Being invited to family gatherings- Aunties, uncles, grandparents- they all want to meet you, embarrass you and ask every intimate detail of your relationship.

Saying “I love you”- Ah those three words that can get you in a lot of trouble if you aren’t serous- so use them wisely!

Staying overnight at each other’s houses- No longer are you just a one night stand that leaves after the sex is over- you get an all-nighter!

Signing Christmas / Birthday cards together- From me and him- it’s not an engraving on a tankard or cutlery set but as good as.

Seeing each other at least every other night- If you get into the habit of being around each other- then hurrah! You're ready for a holiday!

Leaving a toothbrush at each other’s house- You have slept over once- so the toothbrush is the bathroom medal to show that your feet are firmly under the table!

You tell each other absolutely everything- Yon can’t lie, you can’t miss out any part of your day you have to spill in their company.

Letting them take care of you when sick- The thought of him  seeing you vomit into a bowl is gross when you are first dating and trying to be all sexy, but after a while you surrender to it and let them hold your hair back!

Being introduced to wider friendships circles- If you are proud of your partner, every Tom, Dick and Harry has to meet them so you can silently say- I get to sleep with this!

Discussing how many children you might want in the future- Kids is big commitment so talking about them means you can sign your lady parts off to him right now.

Buying a dog or cat together- A trial for having a kid- if you can look after it between you then you have better chances of having kids, if not then don’t bother.! (joking of course)

Driving each other’s cars- There must be trust here for only you have had control over your car in the past!

Inviting them to a wedding as a date- Ok so your friends are getting married- you feel left out and lonely- taking him shows that you might be next!

Divulging salary details- You need to have some idea so you can budget for the next steps together, so you might as well bare all.

Letting them know your pin number- As long he doesn’t have a history of drug abuse, or gambling you should be ok to do this.

Discussing holidays- It’s a way of saying that you want to spend a solid amount of time together.

Having a drawer at each other’s house- Spare pants, toiletries and phone chargers- all necessary items if he lets you stay over!

When you HYPOTHETICALLY talk about IF you lived together- A test to see their reaction- if they are not fazed then you know that you can start looking online for your perfect house together!

Inviting people round as a couple- Having a joint do shows that you are able to organise things together- a plus point on the relationship scale!

First name terms with their mum and dad- They might get a bit freaked out if you also call them mum and dad!
Talking about intimate health issues- If you have a rash after you have slept with them- it’s worth a mention!
Farting in front of each other- The ice is broken as well as the wind and you have totally let your guard down! Nothing is off limits now! 
Inviting them out with your friends / family- If you can all get along in a group and don’t tense every time they talk to one another you know you have come far!

Receiving cards or gifts addressed to both of you- But who’s house does it go to? Now you are faced with moving in together!
When you know what each other’s plans are for every single day- You know that time to ring because you know what he’s doing- if he doesn’t answer you start to get worried.

Showering together- No longer is this or going to the toilet a solo activity.
Changing Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’- All of your ‘friends’ now know that your life is going well and you are loved up. In your face high school bullies!
You know each other’s passwords- They have access to your money, your social networking, your emails- you might as well have sold your soul!

Wearing pyjamas when you get home from work- If you don’t feel the need to stay dressed anymore or generally not care too much about your appearance then know you have crossed the threshold.
You share secrets about friends with each other- You are not supposed to tell but you do because you share everything!
Always being the ‘plus one’ on invites- When your mind won’t think of anyone else you could bring you know that it's serious!

Getting food in your big shop just for them- They have a favourite treat and you get them something to brighten up their day!
You start watching TV shows they like- You hated Family Guy before but now you get its weird sense of humour because you have been made to watch it so many times!
Phoning each other at work- When texting is just not enough and you have to hear their voice!
Stop putting make up on to look gloriously fresh before they wake up- He always looks rough on a morning, so he has no place telling me that I do!
When they start asking for your opinion on stuff- Your thoughts on their life matters! Uh oh! The barrier has been crossed!

Going out with friends or family without the partner being there- Taking his sister shopping or his mum out for tea shows that you can do stuff without him being there to keep the conversation flowing!

Signing off ‘love’ in a card- the transition from ‘from’ to 'love' means that you can never go back- love must always be there for girls keep cards from their boyfriends so we have physical evidence if you don't!

You start listening to music they like- You hate rock music, but to keep them happy you pretend to like it.

You stop seeing people you know they don’t like- the awkwardness is too much to bare and now you see a side of your friends that you didn’t before and that is all you can see now.

Putting a photo of the two of you on Facebook- To let all your Facebook friends know that you can bag a man despite your scary appearance at school and University!
Sending good morning / goodnight texts- If he was working away of you are in and he is out with his mates, it just lets you know that they are thinking of you.

Having a pet name for each other- It sickly sweet in company but quite cute when you are on your own!

Telling each other how many sexual partners you’ve had- Of course you have to tell them that they are better than you previous ones, that’s a given.

When all their friends add you on Facebook- after a night out you find requests from all of his mates- you know you have become one of the club!


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