As we see Frisky Business hit our screens tonight on Lifestyle, which follows behind the scenes of Lovehoney- the largerst sex toy retailer in the UK- we find out what the least sexy jobs for men are.

Would you date a man with an unsexy job?

Would you date a man with an unsexy job?

Shockingly, 15% of women would be unwilling to date someone with an unsexy job title and those who put their judgements aside would be willing to date a man only if he considered a career change (37%). 45% would even go so far as to stop their lovers from getting a promotion if it turned them off even if it meant a wage increase. 11% admitted that their partners job title was the reason they broke up with them.

Top ten least sexy jobs


Sewage worker- He could never accuse you of chatting crap!

Bin man- You couldn't drop a stray plastic bottle in the black bin for fear of him putting you in there with it.

Mortician- What if he brought ghosts home?

Funeral Director- There literally are NO humourous work stories to bring home.

Fisherman- I like my fish fingers by Birdseye- that is all.

Parking Attendant- He would NEVER let you park in a disabled spot or even a parent and child space just to pop in the shops for 2 mins!

Stripper- His body is for your eyes only not every bride to be and their women in tow in the local area.

Butcher- When he handles more meat than you do of his- it’s a deal breaker.

Bingo caller- Aren’t they all just really old???

Pest control- We don’t want his bugs when he gets ill never mind anyone else’s creepy crawlies!

Fast food cashier- You could never visit him on your day off or break for fear of breaking your diet!


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