Sex Tips

Sex Tips

As amazing as oral sex can be like everything else the more you have the more you get used to it and it doesn't feel quite so good. Check out these top tips to mix it up a bit and keep things hot:

Add Some Bubbles
Champagne (or any fizzy drink) can help give oral pleasure a bit of extra fizz! Take a mouthful of your chosen tipple and then carefully take him in your mouth without spilling it all. The bubbles fizzing against his willy will drive him crazy!

Get Fresh
Mints are fab for adding some extra tingle. Put a mint in the side of you mouth while your giving head for a whole new sensation. You can also buy minty tingle lubes that are fab for some added zing.

Ice Ice Baby
Ice cubes are great for creating new sensations. Have one in your mouth when you kiss all over your partners body and they will soon be rigid with desire. This also means your mouth will be nice and cold when it comes to oral sex- giving a whole new feeling of pleasure. You could even try alternating between hot and cold sensations by having a warm drink and an ice cube on hand to swap between.

  1. by Jade 12th Mar 2008 18:47

    i tried the ice cube one. It works, haha

  2. by Elisabeth 17th Mar 2008 01:11

    Can we have an article about how to explain to your lover how you liked to be touched/kissed?

    A lot of guys (and maybe gals) find female genitalia hard to fathom and are a bit rough sometimes.

  3. by zoe 14th Jun 2008 13:55

    yeah i done the whole hot/cold drink it left him speachless so i'l be doing that alot more i think!!!

  4. by jaffa cake babe <3 30th Jun 2008 19:56

    the warm/cold thing sure got my boyfriend cryin for more! thanks for the amazing tip!

  5. by Mo 07th Jul 2008 12:33

    I'm a married woman and involved with an older man as well, the hot/cold tip helped me a lot. i'm being spoilt rotten now. will do it more

  6. by Foxxy 30th Aug 2008 01:58

    try a breath strip it will blow him away...............

  7. by nat.x 19th Feb 2009 00:28

    ooo cant wait to try this :p