Today is National Girlfriends Day, so to celebrate we reflect on the times when only your girlfriends will do. 

Sometimes this is exactly what you need

Sometimes this is exactly what you need

When you want to talk about feelings rather than facts- Guys haven't got a good reputation when it comes to feelings- they can generally handle what happened in your day but not so much how it's made you feel. When you want to delve a bit deeper- your girlfriends are always there to listen and discuss things with you further.

When you want to talk periods- Men don't understand- and how could they? They've never had a period- so when you want to talk about the best tampons, the worst pills and how to cure bad cramps- the female folk are your go-to people.

When you want to moan about your fella- When your partner leaves their clothes on the floor rather than putting them in the basket or puts dirty dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher- your female friends totally get where you're coming from when you feel the need to flip out.

When your man says something without thinking- He accidently calls you 'fat' or criticises your dress sense and he has no idea why it was so painful to hear. But your girlies do and they are ready with hugs and compliments to make you feel loved.

When you want to talk about sex- Your fella doesn't know what it's like from your side of things- how it feels- either emotionally or physically. Your female friends probably will and have likely been through the same at some point so they can offer advice and reassurance that you're not alone.

There's no motive with your female friends- If you're talking to a guy who's attracted to you- their conversation might be rehearsed or tweaked to impress you. While your friends can appreciate your beauty- it doesn't mean they will treat you any differently.

When you seek comfort- Your significant other can make you feel comfortable-sure- but perhaps not as much as someone who has as much common ground as you do with your girls.

Women tell it like it is- Men might feel pressured to say something they think is the right thing in a given situation rather than the truth.

You: 'Does this dress make me look fat?'

Your partner: 'No way.'


You: Does this dress make me look fat?

Your friends: 'I prefer this one on you- it's more flattering.'

When you need to vent about bras, Spanx, Bridget pants and all the rest- When it comes to undergarments- all women understand the comfort of big cotton undies over lace and skimpy thongs, the sheer joy of taking your bra off and scratching where it's been and the delight of rolling down Spanx in the ladies' toilets before having a wee.

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