There comes a point in every long-term relationship when you feel a bit outdated or resistant to change. Habits set in and they become a comfort so you keep on doing them even though it makes you very feel older than your years. Here are 10 markers to let you know you've reached this point.

When you know which position to assume when you're out and about

When you know which position to assume when you're out and about

When you have dinner at the same time every night- It's become such a routine that your tummies start to rumble simultaneously and you know it's time to turn on the oven.

When the first thing you do is pop on the kettle as you walk through the door- You know that the only way you're going to get through the 'how's your day been?' conversation is with a strong, hot brew.

When you go to bed early- You used to be able to stay up past midnight on a school night- but now you're exhausted by 9.30pm and heading upstairs for some shut eye.

When you fall asleep on the couch- Sometimes after work- you succumb to the tiredness and have 40 winks to get you through.

When you feel like a nap- If your weekend is a quiet one and you choose to read or watch some TV, you think nothing of taking a little nap in the afternoon- just because you can.

When you choose comfort over fashion- You would never think to go out in uncomfortable footwear anymore- nor would you suffer from the cold and always take a coat just in case. You even find yourself saying things like 'she must be freezing with those bare legs!' and 'She'll need a drink the numb the pain from those heels'.

When you get a blanket for the couch- You feel a chill these days and you sit with a blanket over your knee or even covering everything but your head just to keep warm. All you're missing is the rocking chair.

When you look forward to weekends only because you can have a lie in- Forget everything else that's good about two days off- you want to rebel against your alarm clock.

When you appreciate a quiet night in- If someone asks you out and you'd rather stay in with each other and catch up on some TV you've missed- you know you're past it.

When you read rather than have sex- You know you've hit 'fossil status' when you'd rather get lost in a good book rather than each other.

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