They let them sleep on the bed!

They let them sleep on the bed!

Your walks around the park can take longer than you anticipated- They have to stop and stroke every dog that's on your path if they make eye contact.

You aren't allowed to kill insects- If a critter gets in the house, it must be caught in a glass with a piece of paper underneath and put outside. Animal lovers aren't bug squishers!

Their Facebook page is filled with pictures of animals- Doing funny or cute things. The hope of them putting an image up of you is long gone. Sometimes they even change their profile picture to one of an animal.

They have to have a pet- They aren't happy without one. If one dies, they can't cope until they have something else to look after.

Their favourite bedtime activity- Is scouring You Tube for funny animal videos they haven't yet seen- and there aren't many left. Nothing a human does makes them laugh as much as a cat smelling feet and pulling a disgusted face.

They're antisocial at parties- If you find yourself at a house party with an animal- they don't spend time with the people- they spend it with their new furry friend.

Their pet/s get away with a LOT- The animal/s get fed before you some nights and take up more of the bed than you do- but you've come to accept that this is the norm.

Their phone is filled with selfies- With their pets and pictures of animals they have seen out and about- squirrels, ducks, sheep- you name it they like to capture an image of it- wghat for you have no idea.

They talk to and for the animals- They can have full conversations with an animal because give them a voice and imagine what they might say back, which has got a few dodgy looks from people nearby.

They HAVE to feed the ducks- If you go for a walk by the river or lake, their favourite part of the day is feeding the birds who're already busting at the seams. But never with bread- NEVER!

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