You have not a hope in hell of winning at Scrabble- That game was made for them- you can play- but you will never be the champion. In fact, their name is legendary in their family for the time they spelled 'nevertheless' across the top of the board. 

If they don't know the meaning of a world they have to look it up

If they don't know the meaning of a world they have to look it up

They often come out with words you don't understand- And you have to ask them what it means because their entire sentence makes no sense to you.

Sometimes you don't know the meaning a word they use- And just nod along like you do and hope they don't ask you about it.

They have a dictionary but they rarely have to use it- When they do it's for something really obscure that they just have to know the meaning of because they hate being defeated.

They would kick ass at Countdown- They get the conundrum every time and watch the show religiously. But it's ok because that means the 8 out of 10 Cats version too which is slightly more engaging than the normal one.

They are amazing at crosswords- They enjoy nothing more than sitting down to one in a paper or magazine- or even a whole book dedicated to them. It's baffling really.

They're good at writing but hopeless at maths- They can't be good at both but it always amazes you how they can come out with a mono-syllabic word but fail at simple additions.

People who misuse or spell words wrong irritate them- They are constantly moaning about people on Facebook who spell love with a 'u' and hate with an '8'.

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