Today is National Eyewear Day- a day to reflect on those partners who both have to wear glasses to get through the day and their relationship. 

You've both tried contacts at some point

You've both tried contacts at some point

Kissing can be a challenge- Sometimes when you're having a good smooch your glasses clash but it's a buzz kill you've both come to accept and you just get on with it now.

3D movies are not easy- Because you have to wear two sets of glasses and you always end up laughing at each other when you turn around and reveal the bulkiness of your eye area.

Sex is tricky- When the glasses come off in bed you don't know if you're going to get lucky or your lover is simply going to sleep, so you can go from horny to hopeless with one swift motion.

When the glasses come off in any other room in the house- You know your partner's going to say something profound- it's their way of signalling to you that you need to listen to what's coming next.

When one of you loses your glasses- Disaster strikes- there's no driving, walking, watching TV, laptop activity- you have to stop everything until they're found or the world comes to a crashing halt.

You've both tried contacts- In a bid to make your life 'easier'- but you've now realised- losing your glasses once in a while is far easier than having to deal with infections, solution and poking yourself in the eye twice a day.

Whoever decides to cook can't see their creation when it's ready- When you take something out of the oven or take the lid off a pan- it's anyone's guess what you will end up with on your plate.

Your cleanliness levels are very different- One of you cleans them daily and the slightest spec is a distraction. The other- will go for weeks squinting through dirt and grime because they have better things to do- until their significant other gives in and tackles the caked on muck.

Getting new glasses- Is a big event in your house- you go together when it's time to treat yourselves to some new frames. You spend a while trying on different styles and picking out ridiculous ones to make each other laugh.

You share your glasses- If one of you forgets their glasses, even if you're not the same prescription- you'll still borrow your partner's- better something than nothing at all.

There have been times of misjudgement- You thought your partner was giving you the evils when they weren't wearing their glasses and it's started an argument. In fact, they had no beef, they just couldn't see you. 

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