Today is Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, so we suggest eight things you should probably remove from your digital world when you get a new partner.

What do you have hiding in your virtual world?

What do you have hiding in your virtual world?

Porn- If you were heavily into this when you were single it's probably for the best that you clear your search history. I'm not saying never look at the stuff again but coming across a long line of porn sites when they use your Google search might make them feel redundant before you've christened your new sheets.

Facebook messenger- You may have messages on there to your friends about exes or worse- from your exes. If your new partner happens to stumble across them, they may think you're not over your last guy. It can get out of hand- keep on top of it!

Videos- If you ever filmed yourself having sex with an ex-get rid of it- there is nothing worse than him hearing about your ex, than seeing you both in action.

Pictures with your exes- Ensure that all of your pictures with your exes are gone. Again it's not kind to keep sentimental stuff like that if you have no intention of getting back together.

Embarrassing pictures- You might have a stash of pictures on your Facebook that your friends have snapped of you on nights out nipping men's bums, getting off with strangers and posing with random men. It might be time to edit your gallery a bit so people know who you are with. We all acted out when we were single but constant reminders of how free and easy you once were will mean difficult conversations are on the horizon.

Desktop pic- If this is currently one of you and your friends looking clueless as to where you are and how much you've drunk it might be time to change it up to one of you and your beau.

Status- You may be at the point where you are ready to change your Facebooks status. Talk about it first before doing it so you are both in the same place. Of course if you leave it too long, he might start asking questions over whether you're staying digitally single for a reason.

Word- You might have started an online diary at some point, back in the day when you were single and making lots of mistakes with the wrong men or when things went sour with your previous boyfriend. If you have any of those it could be the perfect time to press the delete button. Your current boyfriend might find them and think it's about him or wonder if you still write stuff like this and go searching.

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