Announce 'it's taco night'- No other food brings you as much joy as 'taco night'- because it's special. No other dish you eat together is formed in a handy holder shape like a taco and the novelty still hasn't worn off.

You end up in a mess!

You end up in a mess!

You make them together- There's something about tacos that brings two people closer- it's fun food and one that takes two hands to grate cheese, chop salad and prepare a delicious filling and dip.

You get creative- A squeeze of lime, some guacamole or sour cream- things you would never ordinarily buy- but you go all out on 'taco night'.

You both opt for different toppings- One of you likes it spicy, the other not so much but it' cool because you can stack it up with whatever you fancy. That's what you love about 'taco night'- it keeps you both happy.

You get messy- This is not a food that you would have chosen on one of your first dates. It's definitely the food of long term relationships because you get it all over your face, your fingers and whatever you're wearing.

Turn the mess into a competition- Whoever gets the most down them wins or loses- depending on your perspective.

Ask each other why you don't taco more often- You enjoy them so much when you do got to the effort but it's once in a blue moon and neither of you can't fathom why.

Make some inappropriate comment about its shape- It looks like a who-ha- we know- and you try and fit as many foo-foo jokes into the experience as you possibly can.

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