To think in terms of an 'us' not a 'me'- The very nature of a pairing means there's another person to consider so it's not all about you and your needs anymore- it's about what best for you as a team.

To think of the 'us' not the 'me'

To think of the 'us' not the 'me'

The importance of 'me time'- With that said, every relationship needs to balance this with some time apart to pursue individual needs and passions. It's vital to be able to break away at certain points to maintain your independence.

To be yourself- Your partner shouldn't change you- compromises have to be made when you're a couple but that doesn't mean a personality transplant for you- it just means negotiation on some aspects and justification on others.

To be understanding- All couples differ in their opinions over one or two things- listen to their viewpoint, ask your partner to do the same, agree to disagree and move on. We can't be and think the same or the world would be a very boring place. Everyone has different upbringings and experiences that lead them to see the world the way they do so be mindful of their past.

The power of listening- Your partner needs you to pay attention to them- when it counts- but also a little each day- when they come in from work. The same should apply to you too. Listening shows your respect for each other and your respective challenges, responsibilities and experiences.

To open yourself up to new people- Your partner likely comes with friends and family, so be kind to them like you would your own and this will make any social situation comfortable for you both.

How to be their yin and to your yang- You have to be there to drag them up when they're down and vice versa to balance out the negativity and positivity in your relationship. If you're both in a negative place it can be harder for you to escape this if neither of you can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Address problems as they happen- Leaving an issue with your partner 'to sort itself out' won't work. It's vital to nip things in the bud as they happen or it could breed resentment and make a bigger issue out of something that was quite small to begin with.

Laugh and have fun- Relationships shouldn't all be about doom and gloom and being an adult- try to embrace the silly side in each other every now and again to keep the humour alive.

Work hard and play hard- You're not only working to keep a roof over your head but your partner's too, you're employed to put food on the table for you both and you do a 9-5 so you can both enjoy things outside of work. Work hard to ensure you have money pay the bills and a little extra for your time off. When you do have time off- enjoy it to the fullest!

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