Most people have been around another couple when it’s obvious they don’t want you there- or worse- they do- a little too much. 

Threesome? No thanks!

Threesome? No thanks!

Being left out- The loved up couple make plans right in front of you and then ask you along because you show an interest in what they're going to be doing. But they really don't want you there- they just feel guilty. And you don't want to be invited- you were just being polite. 

Inside jokes- That you will never understand because you are single and only couples understand such humour. Did you know that people lose their capacity to laugh or have a joke around when they're single? Yeah right.

Dating advice- They automatically forget how hard dating is and try and set you up with every one of their friends. It doesn't matter if you are drawn to them or not- they have a pulse and are the same sex as the one you're attracted so that apparenty qualifies. No thanks.

They decide who you'll make a really cute couple with- It clearly doesn't matter what you think as long as to the rest of the world you look acceptable together- and they have another couple to go out on double dates with.

They both tell you secrets- And often they collide and you can't say anything, which is just plain awkward but you're secretly happy that you're not in the same mess. 

Picking sides- They expect you to take their side on one of their arguments- but you don't- you know from experience when they make up- you will be the bad guy.

Comparisons- They badmouth their other single friends- you know that they speak ill of you behind your back too. All because you go to bed alone and watch TV with your dog, it's just mean. 

Too much info- They start telling you about their sex life- you get it- they are having sex and you're not- no need to rub it in guys. At least you are in charge of your own orgasm. 

Blurred lines- They suggest a threesome- and you don't know where to look, whether to take it seriously, change the subject, start stripping off or leave.

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