Talk about your plan of action- You consider getting up really early to see what you can buy before the 9-5 crowd kick in. But neither of you are prepared to rise that early to shop and are willing to take the risk.

Make a list of things you want for Christmas

Make a list of things you want for Christmas

Make a list- Of things you want for Christmas and pass it on to your partner in the hope that something you really want will be reduced and vice versa.

Email each other early in the morning- While you're at work with any things you've remembered that you didn't think about before.

Discuss- Do you really need them? Want them? Or just buying them because they're cheap? Would they do for a Christmas present for someone else?

Moan to each other- Via text and email that there's nothing you actually want- all the things you'd hope to get for next to nothing appear to be more expensive than they were before- what's that about?!

Wish you'd taken the day off- Trying to have a conversation through email when you both have other stuff to be doing means by the time you reply to one another the one thing you've spotted has probably sold out.

Talk about being defeated once again- You end up buying nothing just like every year because the online shopping sites just didn't cater for your needs. You swear never to get swept up in it all again but know deep down that you probably will next November.

Look through all the pictures on your phone- Of mad shoppers arguing and stepping over each other to get to the bargains. You feel glad that you don't get as passionate about Black Friday shopping as those people.

Buy the thing your partner asks you for at full price- Because that's what your loved one really wants for Christmas and you don't want to disappoint.

Make peace- Taking the day off would have been a bit excessive- so you do what you do every year and battle the crowds with all the other couples who had the same amount of dedication as you both did.

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